How To Kick Butt In 2019

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It’s that time of the year again, the time of year where we decide, for whatever reason, that we need to change or upgrade everything in our lives. Yes, I’m talking about those new year resolutions that we’ve been attempting the last three years…

We’re all preparing what goals we want to achieve over the next 12 months not only for us to forget about them by the time February rolls around. I’m not being dramatic here, a ridiculous 80% of new year resolutions fail before the end of February. So, keep reading to find out how you can be a part of that other 20% and stick to your resolutions all through the year.

The Four Key Points;

  1. Are your resolutions true to who you are?
  2. Have you decided on too many resolutions?
  3. Procrastinating won’t get you anywhere.
  4. Adjustments are totally acceptable.

With these in mind lets jump straight into what will help you kick butt in 2019.

Are You’re Resolutions True To Who You Are?

Something in our society that has been talked about endlessly is the issue of social pressures. A lot of resolutions are developed from ideas of who society tells us we should be.

For example, the number one resolution made every year is fitness based/heathy eating. Now, don’t get me wrong I don’t think any harm could come from this for anybody and striving for a heathy lifestyle is a great idea. However, you need to make it specific to you. If you’re someone who has never signed up for the gym and then you set a resolution to go to the gym 5 times a week you’re going to find yourself struggling.

Follow these steps to create resolutions personal to you.

1 – Is It Something You Will Enjoy? (not signing up for yoga classes just because it’s all over your friends’ socials). If you don’t wake up every day and look forward to the challenges that you have set for yourself then you might want to adjust some things.

2 – True To Your Values? Before setting a goal, take into consideration your values. Is this going to help you be the person, parent, worker or spouse you want to be? Connecting your goals to your values can be a powerful source of motivation, making it more likely that you’ll follow through.

3 – Your Day 1 Will Not Be The Same As Their Day 100. If you are comparing your day 1 to someone else’s day 100 then you are going to crush your motivation. Instead of focusing on how well someone else is doing, focus on how well you could be if you don’t give up and reach that day 100. It’s easier said then done but if you can change your mindset to focus on you, then the next time you watch a video of someone being the “perfect” yogi you can use it as motivation.

Are You Taking On Too Much?

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Yes, there is a high chance that you have set too many resolutions. Setting too many goals is one of the most common mistakes that we make and let me explain how.  Let’s say you decide you’re going to start taking dance lessons, reading 2 hours a day, going to the gym daily, learning a new instrument, taking on extra credit work and contribution to local fundraisers!

If your resolutions look as crazy as this, I can guarantee you are going to get overwhelmed within the first week and feel like you’re already failing. Remember your resolutions should be making your life more enjoyable or making you your best self.

So with that in mind and taking into consideration you have already made your goals true to who you are, follow these next steps to set your goals into motion.

1- Follow A Prioritized System. If you have multiple goals this year you need to decide which are the things you feel you “must” complete. Paying off a car loan or getting better grades. This top tier will be your goals which you will dedicate the most time and thought to. Once the top priorities have been decided you can move around the others as you feel. Something I recommend to put at the bottom of your list would be a “dream” goal. something you can work towards when you feel like it or have the time and if it happens to get completed its something a little extra.

2- Find YOUR Balance. Please, please please! do not follow a random schedule that you found on the internet because it looks the most productive or it’s easier than making your own. I say find your balance because everyone has different lifestyles and you can’t try to cram your life into something has been created for an entirely different person. Having multiple goals to work on or towards are great ways to be motivated and feel like your making progress. But if you make too many large or new goals (Starting at the gym, learning a new instrument, writing a book, quitting smoking) and no small or progress goals ( Buying less take-out, stating meditation, taking the dogs on more walks, reading an extra hour a day) you’re going to find that you’ll feel like you’re not making any progress and that can quickly deplete all hope.

3- Do You Have The Time? When you break down your day to day life you can quickly run out of time for even the simplest of things. You need to look at your job or school hours which will be the biggest time consumer. To make this simple let’s say you work 9-5 and have no other daily commitments. That leaves you 16 hours out of the day. Now let’s say you get the average 8 hours of sleep a night bringing your time now down to 8 hours. Okay, you get the point but for the sake of this post we’ll take some more time off you and take out the daily commute, dinner time and showering. This leaves 5 hours, morning or evening, to cram in all your new goals, kind of overwhelming huh?

Look into each once of your new year resolutions and answer these questions.

  1. Is this a short term or long term goal?
  2. Is this goal something I need to focus on everyday?
  3. Does this goal take me Hours, Days or Months to complete?

By taking a closer look into this you can start to structure your everyday life around your goals for a smooth transition and a higher chance of success. I suggest taking a time blocking template like the one below and start by putting in the daily things that are musts like work or school. After you’ve done this you can better see what time you can set for your resolutions.

Just Start…No Really, Start.

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Okay, you have decided what your new year resolutions are and you’re ready to kick butt in 2019. So now what? If you’re anything like me your going to stress over every minor detail and feel like you can’t start anything until it’s been written in your planer or it’s the right day to start or until you buy new gym clothes. Sounds familiar? Welcome my fellow perfectionists…or if we’re being honest, we’re just terrible procrastinators.

If you go through these tips I can assure you that you can start any resolution that you have this year AND follow through with it!

But if you’re still not sure, follow these simple tips to start.

If you go through these tips I can assure you that you can start any resolution that you have this year AND follow through with it! But if you’re still not sure, follow these simple tips to start.

1- Take Some Time. Maybe a week or 2 for a test run. Have your goal or goals in mind and without putting your full commitment to it see how it flows with you. This might help overcome the fear of quitting or failing, if you don’t make any solid commitments then you’re not giving yourself an option to fail.

2- One Step At A Time If you have decided on a large number of resolutions and try to start them all at the same time you’re likely to lose control. Start one or two and once you feel comfortable that you have it under control start implementing the others into your schedule.

Adjustments Are Totally Acceptable

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This is the final point I want to leave you with. Everyone gets to a stage in a new goal where they feel like they aren’t improving, or they have missed days, or it isn’t what they expected. In these times its important to remember why you created your resolution in the first place and what will be the outcome of you getting back on track.

If it’s something that is just completely not working, then maybe you need to think about removing it all together. Don’t look at it as a fail but rather a self-discovery. You explored something new with best intentions, but it wasn’t meant to be a part of your best self and that’s totally okay!

However, if you have hit a point of struggle in your resolutions and you know for certain that they are all important to you then its time for adjustments. Maybe going to the gym EVERY DAY can be 5 days a week. Maybe you need to ask for extra help to bring up your grades this year. Maybe make the guitar lessons not as long. Adjusting things to the point where you enjoy the activity and it’s not a chore.

That, ladies and gents, is the end of my rambling and i thank you if you got this far.I hope you have found at least some of this post helpful in creating your new year resolutions. If not then please let me know why, starting a blog is one of my personal resolutions and I would love to learn from my first post.

What great things will you accomplish this year?

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